Pumpkin Kernels Shine Skin, Grade AA

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  • Brand   SHAN DONG HANA
  • Type   Pumpkin Kernels Shine Skin, Grade AA
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Product Description: Pumpkin kernels shine skin, grade AA, are processed through grading, foreign material elimination, hulling, drying, color sorting and hand picking. Machineries are used such as advanced destoner, color sorter, sheller, X-Ray, metal detector and automatic packing, etc., which will guarantee the quality and safety of the products together with the hand picking step.

Origin: China

Harvest: Starting from September every year

Ingredients: 100% Pumpkin kernels shine skin (Grade AA)

Certificates: Certified by HACCP, BRC (Grade A), Kosher 

Products Specifications:

Flavor: Typical of pumpkin kernels shine skin 

Odor: Typical of pumpkin kernels shine skin (Grade AA)

Color: Green

Physical Specifications:

Moisture: <7.5%

Purity: >99.95%

Imperfect: <1%

Broken Kernels: <1%

Packing: 25 kg paper bag

               2 X 12.5 kg vacuum bags per carton

Shelf Life: 12 months under cool & dry storage

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